2018 Short Grain Winners Announced!

We're very excited to announce the winners of the 30th annual Short Grain Contest!

We'd like to thank Cheryl and Henry Kloppenburg for their ongoing support, which has enabled us to continue to hold this contest.

We'd also like to thank our 2018 judges, Canisia Lubrin (poetry) and Rawi Hage (fiction), for their attentive reading and expertise in choosing this year's winners. 


First place: “Starting a Religion” by Francine Cunningham
Second place: “Raymond’s Old Man” by Ted McInnis
Third place: “If Only” by Francene Gillis

Honourable mentions:
“The Death of Xavier” by Michael Holtzman
“Super Reader” by Bill Stenson


First place: “To The Men Who Would Have Killed Me” by Lauren Turner
Second place: “Not Enough Hallelujahs” by Nicole Lachat
Third place: “I felt a first communion in my brain” by Annick MacAskill

Honourable mentions:
“Arachnophobia” by Nolan Natasha Pike
“Letter to K from Žižkov” by Alison Braid 

The six winning entries will be published in the Fall issue of Grain.

Congratulations to all of the winners and honourable mentions! We look forward to receiving submissions for next year's contest.

Our Summer Issue is Available Now!

45.4 cover.jpg

Grain issue 45.4 is titled of memory, and features work by Charmaine Cadeau, Michelle Contant, Ruth Corkill, John Donlan, Griffin Epstein, Susan Haldane, hannah harris-sutro, Alan Hill, Cynthia Holz, Aaron Kreuter, Evelyn Lau, Maryann Martin, Sabyasachi Nag, Bradley Peters, Rebecca Givens Rolland, Melanie Schnell, Judy Smith, Glen Sorestad, Leona Theis, Meg Todd, Petryna Venuta, Yilin Wang, Elana Wolff, and Jenny Wong. 

Artwork featured in the issue is by Saskatchewan artist Tim Moore

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We’ve reached our Submittable cap

Thank you to everyone who has sent writing for us to consider! We've reached our Submittable cap for the month and can no longer accept submissions online before our May 31st deadline. To submit your work before the deadline, please send it by mail and ensure your envelope is postmarked before the end of May.

Our Submittable form will open again in September with our next reading period.