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Grain 46.3 - Portraits

Contributors: Lisa Baird, Meghan Bell, andrea bennett, Stephen Bett, Margret Bollerup, Marilyn Bowering, Jane Callen, Kat Cameron, Louise Carson, Robert Currie, Josh Edgar, Lauren Ewald, Louisa Howerow, Danny Jacobs, Allan Johnston, Claire Kelly, Libby King, Mary King, Carole Glasser Langille, Curtis LeBlanc, Moira MacDougall, Roni Muench, Michelle Porter, Bren Simmers, S.E. Street, Tannaz Taghizadeh, Martha Wilson.

Cover Image: Gina Brass in collaboration with T + A Vinyl and Fashion (Styling created by Amy Weisgarber and earrings created by visual artist Caitlin Mullan), Liam, 2018 (35mm film)


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