Regarding Nick Mount's Resignation from The Walrus

Hello everyone,

Some of you may have heard that Nick Mount, the fiction editor for The Walrus, has resigned due to a difference of opinion with the magazine's management. In a nutshell, The Walrus' management wanted a more family-oriented magazine, and did not appreciate fiction pieces that featured bestiality with an owl or used the words "crap" and "orgasm." For more information, the Globe and Mail has published an article on the matter:

We at Grain support Nick Mount's decision to resign, for we see it as a way of defending the right of writers to be provocative. We have certainly published provocative pieces in our magazine in the past, and we will continue to do so. We stand by our mandate to publish challenging, provocative, and entertaining writing, and we ask our readers to support Nick Mount and what we see as the cause of honest, gritty writing.

We'd like to draw your attention to an online journal called CRAP ORGASM, which was formed in direct response to The Walrus' decision. Please take a gander:

Don't forget to purchase Grain's latest issue, featuring provocative work by Paul Carlucci, Ruth Pierson, and artist David Garneau.

Thank you, everyone.