Short Grain 2015 Winners Announced

Grain’s 2015 writing contest, Short Grain, has now closed and our judges, Sandra Birdsell, author of Waiting for Joe and The Russländer, which was nominated for the Giller Prize, along with acclaimed poet, George Eliott Clarke, a former Poet Laureate for Toronto, have reviewed the entries. The winning pieces will be published in the Winter 2015 issue, Volume 43.2 of Grain.

Congratulations to the winners!


1st Prize:  “Psalm XXII” by Sheri Benning        

2nd Prize: “Balti” by Yusuf Saadi                

3rd Prize: “Eileen” by Trevor Corkum

Honorable mentions: “The Blood They Lose” by Sheri Benning and “Sea Over Bow” by Violet Browne.



1st Prize:  “Moons” by Jesse Macpherson            

2nd Prize: “Parasomnia” by Heather Fraser        

3rd Prize:  “Pale Creatures” by Diane Tucker

Honorable mentions: “Something About the Cello” by Medrie Purdham and “The Black Union Dead” by Michael Fraser.

A huge thanks goes to Cheryl and Henry Kloppenburg, whom many of you will recognize from the Kloppenburg Award for Literary Excellence. They have been sponsoring the Short Grain contest for 27 years! This contest wouldn’t be what it is today without them. Thank you!