Call for Grain Magazine Advisory Committee

The SWG Board invites applications from members who have experience in a managerial or editorial capacity in a literary magazine to serve on the Grain Magazine Advisory Committee. The Board is also seeking that expertise from people outside of Saskatchewan in order to cast as wide a net as possible. The Board is looking for at least four members from the community with experience managing or editing a literary magazine to join the three Board members who have signed on to the Advisory Committee.

The role of the Grain Advisory Committee will be as outlined in the Terms of Reference, which the Board reviewed, revised, and ratified at its November 21, 2015, meeting. The primary responsibilities of the committee will be to hire the Grain managing editor and to work with him or her on a strategic and business plan for the magazine.

Please submit a brief relevant bio, along with a statement of interest in being on the committee.

Deadline: January 15, 2016

Send to:

The Board will review and make the selection at the next Board Meeting.

For more information on Grain Magazine visit: