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Our special issue features artwork by Joi T. Arcand.

Contributors include Karrie Auger, Tawahum Bige, Danielle Boissoneau, Rita Bouvier, Michelle Poirier Brown, Warren Cariou, Michela Carrière, Killa Ch’aska, Francine Cunningham, Jenny Ferguson, Louise Bernice Halfe, Ashley Hynd, Jessica Johns, Katłįà, Conor Kerr, Kung Jaadee, Mika Lafond, Alicia Marie Lawrence, Dexter Lee, D.A. Lockhart, Randy Lundy, John McDonald, Daniel David Moses, Doreen Pasapa, Amanda Peters, Daniel Poitras, Michelle Porter, Sita Rani, Janet Rogers, jaye simpson, Cooper Skjeie, waaseyaa’sin Christine Sy, and Joshua Whitehead. Stay tuned for a sneak peek!

Summer is here . . .

46.4 cover.jpg

. . . and so is our new Summer issue!

“lookin’ for joy” features work by contributors: Sheri Benning, Linda Biasotto, Kimberley Bielert, Virginia Boudreau, Jenny Boychuk, Holly Day, Kieran Egan, Joel Robert Ferguson, Beth Goobie, Susan Andrews Grace, Susan Haldane, Crystal Hurdle, Mark Anthony Jarman, Ryanne Kap, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Austen Lee, Christopher Linforth, Randy Lundy, Sharon Overend, Carmen Pintea, Stephanie Sauer, Traci Skuce, Steven Ross Smith, and Erin Emily Ann Vance.

Featured visual artist: Steve Mennie.

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