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Grain Volume 44, No. 4, Summer 2017.

"If you pull a hair out of your head by the root, your eyes might tear up and burn, or you might remain calm and unfazed. If you pull a plant out by the roots, it might die, or it might make like a succulent clipping in the sun and grow anyway. If a person is pulled out of a situation or location, what happens then? The pieces in this issue uncover themes of being rooted in place, becoming unrooted, and attempting to get back to roots after losing touch.

Lorna Crozier’s first published poem, “Old Man with a Cane,” appeared in Grain over forty years ago, and in this issue you’ll find her first published story—“The Door”—about parents trying to connect with their daughter, her partner, and each other on a family vacation where nothing separates the two couples but a door that locks from both sides.

I hope you can unroot yourself for a while with us to enjoy the work inside this issue of Grain."

— From the Editor's Note

Guest Editor: Nicole Haldoupis
Art Editor / Designer: Stephanie Campbell
Associate Fiction Editor: Nicole Haldoupis
Associate Poetry Editor: Sheri Benning

Cover Image: Adrian Cox, Detail: Bird Gardener as Mystic Healer (2015) 

Contributors: Tammy Armstrong, Meghan Bell, Melanie Bell, David Griffin Brown, Kat Cameron, Su Croll, Lorna Crozier, Michael Cuglietta, Trisha Cull, Marita Daschel, Rocco de Giacomo, Nicole Hebdon, dee Hobsbawn-Smith, Harold Hoefle, Sean Howard, David Huebert, Liz Johnston, a.m. kozak, Geoffrey Morrison, Carol Reid, Meaghan Rondeau, Sam Shelstad, Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang, Deborah Vail, Sheryda Warrener.