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Illusions, Delusions, Apparitions

Grain Volume 44, No. 1, Fall 2016.

"...many of us welcome [fall] because, in addition to bringing candy and tricks, it allows us to hide, to conceal ourselves, to sink into and thrive within other personas - in other words, to perpetuate illusions. We are free to be other people, which really turn out to be extensions of ourselves....

Like fall, writing allows us to hide while at the same time allowing us to reveal ourselves through the illusions we perpetuate. This issue is full of illusions, delusions, and apparitions." 

-From the Editor's Note

Art by Justine Sawicz; new fiction from Gerard Beirne and Madeleine Leznoff; new poetry from J.J. Steinfeld and Karla Comanda. 

This issue also features the winners of the 2016 Short Grain contest: Chris Masterman, Patricia Young, and Sang Kim (fiction), and Susan Alexander, Alycia Pirmohamed, and Steve McOrmond (poetry). The judges were Greg Hollingshead (fiction) and Triny Finlay (poetry).

Editor: Adam Pottle
Art Editor / Designer: Stephanie Campbell
Associate Fiction Editor: Nicole Haldoupis
Associate Poetry Editor: Sheri Benning

Cover Image: Justine Sawicz, Surrender (detail)

Contributors: Warren Heiti, Chris Oke, Madeleine Leznoff, Sadie McCarney, Karla Comanda, John Paul Davies, Joel Katelnikoff, J.J. Steinfeld, Kate Cayley, Gerard Beirne, Robert Currie, Xiao Yue Shan, Chalya Princess Miri-Gazhi, Michael Melgaard, Chris Masterman, Patricia Young, Sang Kim, Susan Alexander, Alycia Pirmohamed, Steve McOrmond.