Grain Volume 43 No. 4, Summer 2016.

Discomfort is often more than an emotion or sensation; it has, for many people, become a state of mind, a way of being in the world. We bristle, fester, chafe, itch, and twitch against words, deeds, events, impulses, rumours, truths, and lies. We are often unsettled to the point where we have no choice but to re-examine the way we think and feel, and reconsider how others experience the world.

This issue's writers highlight some of the unsettling moments in our lives; by doing so, they show us that a human being is a constant work in progress. 

Art by David Garneau; new fiction by Annette Lapointe and Neil Bishop; new poetry by Amanda Merritt and Aaron Kreuter.

Editor: Adam Pottle
Art Editor / Designer: Stephanie Campbell
Associate Fiction Editor: Nicole Haldoupis
Associate Poetry Editor: Sheri Benning

Cover Image: David Garneau, Unsettling

Contributors: Neil B. Bishop, Paul Carlucci, Antony DiNardo, Hollay Ghadery, Julie Cameron Gray, David Huebert, Aaron Kreuter, Melissa Kuipers, Annette Lapointe, Carol Matthews, Laura K. McRae, Amanda Merritt, Carol Nahachewsky, Ruth Pierson, John Saul, Kenneth Sherman, William Snyder, Sue Sorensen, Neil Surkan, Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Anna Warje, Carolyn Watson, Zhang Zao.