Who's Knocking?

Grain Volume 43 No. 1, Fall 2015

For some people, home is a specific place: a town, a city, a village, a house, a shack, a camper, a gymnasium. For others, it's a state of mind: we're at home wherever we're comfortable.

Some of us - more than there should be - don't have a home, either physically or emotionally. We don't know comfort, and are suspicious of every place we go, as though the lights could scorch us and the walls could swallow us.

The authors in this issue explore the concept of home. They dig inside our collective discomfort and, by helping us understand it, help assuage our fears.

Art by Lora Northway; new fiction by Carrie Mac; new poetry by Dani Couture and Peter Richardson.


Guest Editor: Alice Kuipers
Art Editor / Designer: Corey Wilkinson
Associate Fiction Editor: Arthur Slade
Associate Poetry Editor: Brenda Schmidt

Cover Image: Lora Northway, Lintukotu.

Contributors: Yuan Changming, Carrie Mac, Eugene Dubnov, Dani Couture, Brent Raycroft, Tim Lehnert, Peter Richardson, Sean Howard, Paul Zits, Madeline Bassnett, Reg Silvester, Sharon Bala, Trisha Rose, Myron Shutty, Lucian Childs, Pascal Poirier.