Figuring It Out

Grain Volume 43 No. 2, Winter 2016.

The world is a confusing place. It is ripe with hypocrisy, cruelty, generosity, and madness. Sometimes, it seems as though we're being pulled in seven different directions, and we want nothing more than to stay still. 

This issue features people who try to figure things out, who try to jerk their feet out of the snares and amble away. 

This issue also features the winners of the 2015 Short Grain contest. They too explore confusion, and their characters attempt to find clarity, or at least a semblance of it. Some succeed. Some don't. Some do neither.

Art by Alexandra Mackenzie; new fiction by Sean Virgo; new poetry by Evelyn Lau and John Creary.

Guest Editor: Harriet Richards
Art Editor / Designer: Corey Wilkinson
Associate Fiction Editor: Devin Krukoff
Associate Poetry Editor: Sheri Benning

Cover Image: Alexandra Mackenzie, Of This Land.

Contributors: Evelyn Lau, Thomas Wharton, Karl Meade, Angeline Schellenberg, Richard Dokey, Jami Macarty, Rosemary Aubert, John Creary, Alison Dyer, Sara Heinonen, James Hawes, Murray Reiss, Patricia Young, John Jackson, Taylor Daigneault-Patterson, Nathaniel G. Moore, Michael Hess, Jim Johnstone, Lori Garrison, Len Gasparini, Susan Alexander, Frances Boyle, Sean Virgo, Anna Moore, John Wall Barger.

Short Grain Winners: Sheri Benning, Yusuf Saadi, Trevor Corkum, Jesse Macpherson, Heather Fraser, Diane Tucker.