Passed Signs / New Fields

Grain Volume 42 No. 4, Spring 2015

It's all about motion. New horizons, new fields, new places, new food, new friends, new enemies. We learn from our mistakes, and keep moving. Such is the human condition, to keep moving even in the midst of fear or pain or happiness. The stories and poems in this issue explore how we stay in motion... and in a few cases, how and why we stop.

Art by Tara Krebs; new fiction by John Saul; new poetry by Katherine Lawrence and Elise Marcella Godfrey.

Guest Editor: Jesse Archibald-Barber
Art Editor / Designer: Corey Wilkinson
Associate Fiction Editor: Anne Lazurko
Associate Poetry Editor: Randy Lundy

Cover Image: Tara Krebs, Chapter I: She Awoke.

Contributors: Christine Estima, Katherine Lawrence, Nicholas Bradley, Meg Todd, Pamela Langevin, Claire Kelly, Carolye Kuchta, Caroline Misner, Rachel Rose, Leah Jane Esau, Changming Yuan, Elise Marcella Godfrey, Denise Wilkinson, Shashi Bhat, K.V. Skene, Erin Noteboom, Katherine Murray, Katie Gorrie, John  Michael Corrigan, Cyndi MacMillan, Lesley Kenny, Theressa Slind, John Terpstra, John Saul.