Artist as Watcher / Writer as Witness

Grain Volume 42 No. 2, Winter 2014

When we possess the power of observation, we often have to make a choice: do we act on what we see or hear? Or do we ignore it and hope it dissolves into nothing? Part of the artist's and writer's obligation is to tell the truth, to observe (and in some cases participate in) what goes on around her, and then, in an imaginative manner, report back what she has seen and/or heard. The two women on the cover draw attention to this relationship between art and observation: we imagine them going home and telling their partners or friends about what they saw in the street; as a result of their observations, they become storytellers.

This issue features the winners of the Short Grain contest, as well as a bushel of stories and poems from contributors. In their own way, each piece reminds us about the importance of keeping our eyes and ears open. Whether it's faithfully capturing the rhythms and Precambrian textures of the mountains, as Cassidy McFadzean does, or whether it's detailing the pain of slowly losing a loved one, as Judith Krause does, the authors in this issue emphasize the importance of observation. 

Art by Wilf Perreault; new fiction by Traci Skuce; new poetry by Gary Geddes and Robert Currie.


Guest Editor: Byrna Barclay
Art Editor / Designer: Corey Wilkinson
Associate Fiction: Melanie Schnell
Associate Poetry Editor: Jim McLean
Business Administrator: Jordan Morris

Cover Image: Wilf Perreault, Two Waiting Ladies, 1982.

Contributors: Gary Geddes, Chris Kuriata, Judith Krause, D.D. West, John Wall Barger, Traci Skuce, paulo de costa, Kat Cameron, Grant Carmichael, Robert Currie, Paul Cresey, Gerald Hill, Mark MacKichan, J.W. Caughlan, Tom McMillan, Kim Fahner, Kate Caley, Dennis Porsnuk, Jane Stevenson, Chad Durling, Michael Prior, Cassidy McFadzean, Danielle Janess.