Hearing Voices

Grain Volume 42 No. 1, Fall 2014

This issue highlights the importance of voice - not only when writing, but in general. We express ourselves in infinite ways, through writing, speaking, painting, filming, lecturing, drumming, flashing lights, strumming guitars, and signing with our hands. The ways we receive those expressions are identically infinite. Hearing Voices draws attention to the influence of voice and, ultimately, how we come to understand (and misunderstand) each other through our own interpretations.

Art by Belinda Harrow; new nonfiction by dee Hobsbawn-Smith; new poetry by Jennifer Zilm and John Reibetanz.

Guest Editor: Kathleen Wall
Art Editor / Designer: Corey Wilkinson
Associate Fiction Editor: Cassidy McFadzean
Associate Poetry Editor: Adam Pottle

Cover Image: Belinda Harrow, Cool Light.

Contributors: Michael John Wheeler, John Reibetanz, A.R. Friesen, dee Hobsbawn-Smith, James Farrington, Emily Davidson, Mike Donaldson, Laurie Smith, Patrick Roscoe, Bill Underwood, Diana Manole, Brent Cassan, Shane Joaquin Jimenez, Tim L. Murphy, Jennifer Zilm, Rob Thomas, Josh Stewart, Souvankham Thammavongsa, Michael Biehl, Salvatore Difalco, Bronwyn Lawrie, Michelle Kaeser, Richard Dokey, Claire Millikin, Tom Wayman.