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Grain Volume 41 No 3, Spring 2014

In her seminal study of Canadian literature, Margaret Atwood writes that, within Canadian stories, one is either a survivor or a victim. This issue both explores and complicates that statement; after all, what lies between survival and victimhood? Life, of course. As guest editor Kim Aubrey states, "Survivors are often defined by their relationships with those who have not been so lucky." The people in this issue find different ways to live, survive, and process victimhood: a bride trashes her dress by plowing into a sandcastle and "cannon-balling into a pool filled with blue Gatorade"; a diligent reader intimately describes how she enters a book's world; a tortoise named Starsky somehow keeps on breathing. The range of material in this issue muddies Atwood's binary with its diverse perspectives: whether you're a survivor or a victim, it's all part of life. 

Art by Sean Caulfield; new fiction by Zoey Leigh Peterson; new poetry by Tanja Bartel and Catriona Wright.

Editor: Kim Aubrey
Art Editor / Designer: Betsy Rosenwald
Associate Fiction & Nonfiction Editor: Kim Aubrey
Associate Poetry Editor: Adam Pottle
Business Administrator: Susan McKenzie

Cover Image: Sean Caulfield, Diagram for the Empire (Detail), ink/acrylic on drafting film, 35.75 x 57.75, 2012.

Contributors: Kayleigh Cline, Zoey Leigh Peterson, Howard Wright, Merrill Edlund, Julie Paul, Jann Everard, Vivian Demuth, Jane Campbell, Jessica Greenbaum, Willow Ververk, Tanja Bartel, Madeline Sonik, Catriona Wright, Mike Cuglietta, Moez Surani, John Gosslee.