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Making It: 40th Anniversary

Grain Volume 40 No 4, Summer 2013

"Making It: 40th Anniversary” (40.4) is a celebration of Grain’s longevity and forty years of publishing exceptional work. Featuring poetry and prose from Canadian greats including Tim Bowling, Lorna Crozier, Dorothy Field, Patrick Lane, Jeanette Lynes, and rob mclennan, “Making It: 40th Anniversary” highlights the struggles we undertake to make it, whether it be in love, family, or careers. What are you willing to do to succeed? What’s worth fighting for? Artwork that will stick with you by Kyle Beal; new poetry by Jonathan Ball and Adrienne Gruber; new fiction by David Carpenter.

Editor: Rilla Friesen 
Art Editor / Designer: Betsy Rosenwald
Associate Fiction & Nonfiction Editor: Kim Aubrey
Associate Poetry Editor: Adam Pottle
Proofreader: Jon Martin Watts
Proofreader (Spanish): Yolande Cole
Business Administrator: Sarah Taggart

Cover Image: Kyle Beal, 1-800-INSPIRE (front); Making It (2013) (back), charcoal, ink and watercolour on paper

Contributors: Susan Alexander, Dr. Jonathan Ball, Tim Bowling, Jane Byers, David Carpenter, Lorna Crozier, Dorothy Field, Jesse Patrick Ferguson, Adrienne Gruber, Patrick Lane, Kari Lund-Teigen, Jeanette Lynes, John Mavin, rob mcclennan, Michael McGlade, Maurice Mierau, Andrew Reid, Susan Sanford Blades, Patricia Young.