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The Issues Issue

Grain Volume 40 No 3, Spring 2013

“The Issues Issue” (40.3) is a collection of provocative, remarkable pieces that will make you think about difficult topics—racism, bullying, suicide, sexual abuse, runaways, miscarriages, and systemic oppression. The writers within look these things in the eye and create art, create something beautiful despite the ugliness of inequality, of treating anyone as less-than. This Spring issue features the internationally renowned art of Zachari Logan; new poetry by John Barton and Alice Major; and new fiction by Scott Randall.

Cover Image: Zachari Logan, Metamorphosis 2 (2013) (front);Swarm (DETAILS) (2013) (back), blue pencil on mylar

Contributors: Alexandra Elizabeth Harrison, Alice Major, Alpay Ulku, April Ripley, Bernice Lever, Bruce Rice, Catherine Brunet, Cathi Grandfield, Changming Yuan, Fabina Rajwani, fogel fogel, Jami Macarty, Jennifer Delisle, John Barton, Jonathan Ball, Kat Cameron, Kim Trainor, Kirk West, Linda Frank, Michelle Elrick, Milena Wieczorek, Sadiqa de Meijer, Scott Randall, Sean Johnston, Sheri Benning, Stephanie McKechnie.