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Grain Volume 40 No 1, 2012

“Fractures” (40.1) is a smashing collection of poetry and prose intent on breaking through violence, abuse, and heartache. The idea that you heal or you die is proven and disproven in the brave works within this issue. Even the fuzzy middle ground between living and dying, nothing and rebirth, is explored in Ian Bullock’s piece “Brother in a Coma.” The artwork in our Fall issue is by Bruce Montcombroux, whose drawings are full of fractures healed over with unlikely parts—lumber and rope amidst metal bones. Featuring new nonfiction by Kirby Wright, new fiction by Andrew F Sullivan, and new poetry by Joan Shillington.

Editor: Rilla Friesen 
Art Editor / Designer: Betsy Rosenwald
Associate Fiction & Nonfiction Editor: Kim Aubrey
Associate Poetry Editor: Adam Pottle
Proofreader: Jon Martin Watts
Business Administrator: Robin Mowat

Cover Image: Bruce Montcombroux, Tower (detail) (2007), ink and acrylic

Contributors: Matt Nagin, Andrew Sullivan, Allison LaSorda, Laura Clarke, Jeanie Keogh, Claire Millikin, Kirby Wright, Joan Shillington, David Romanda, Ian Bullock, John Cameron, Jenna Spearing, Mark Jordan Manner, Ted Mc Carthy, Ruth Roach Pierson, and Jonathan Ball.