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Grain Volume 39 No 4, 2012

"Unstrung” (39.4) is a hungry collection that never quite lets you feel completely satisfied—it wants you to want more. More love. More beauty. More despair. More. The work of Dianne Davis haunts the pages, a reflection of the words—all delicious and enigmatic. Nothing is quite tied together, nothing is quite held fast: it’s a little unstrung. Featuring new writing by Stan Rogal and new translations of Yu Xiang by Fiona Sze-Lorrain.

Editor: Rilla Friesen 
Art Editor / Designer: Betsy Rosenwald
Assiociate Fiction & Nonfiction Editor: Kim Aubrey
Assiociate Poetry Editor: Adam Pottle
Proofreader: Jon Martin Watts
Business Administrator: Robin Mowat

Cover Image: Dianne Davis, from Impervious (2011)

Contributors: Jonathan Ball, Stan Rogal, Yu Xiang (translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain), Antony Di Nardo, Sandi Johnson, Barbara Lorraine Laing, Tanis McDonald, Kirya Marchand, Dave Margoshes, Oscar Martens, Christopher Lee Miles, Jordan Mounteer, Joan Newton, Dan O'Brien, Jocelyn Parr, Marilyn Gear Pilling, Shannon Reilly-Yael, Andrew Steiner, Rea Tarvydas, and Ayelet Tsabari.