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Grain Volume 39 No 2, 2012

HITS comes out swinging, its opening lines, “What words could possibly change the way a person looks at the world, looks at themselves, at everything?”—Joe Davies in “Dead Already and Dead Again.” These works hit you in the heart, make you catch your breath, and give you something more than paper cuts. It features poetry and prose written with the “manual bloodwriter” of Tim Bowling’s poem “Getting Wilder,” one of the prize-winning pieces of the 2011 Short Grain Writing Contest, judged by Jeramy Dodds and Zsuzsi Gartner. Artwork by the exceptional and talented Tammy Lu.

Editor: Rilla Friesen

Designer: Betsy Rosenwald

Associate Fiction Editor: Kim Aubrey

Cover Image: Tammy Lu, odourball/net, coloured pencil on paper (2011-2012)

Contributors: Jonathan Ball, John Wall Barger, Tim Bowling, Guy Chambers, Vincent Colistro, Joe Davies, Pete Duval, Kim Fu, Zack Haslam, Stevie Howell, Robert Lake, Leanne Lieberman, Joanna Lilley, Colin Morton, Zoey Peterson, Tamar Rubin, Sigal Samuel, Phoebe Wang, Jeremy Whiston, and Changmin Yuan.

Featuring the winners of the 23rd Annual Short Grain (with Variations) Contest:

Fiction: judged by Zsuzsi Gartner
1st Prize — "Common Area" by Pete Duval
2nd Prize — "Retrograde Orbits" by Zack Haslam
3rd Prize — "Two Monsters" by Zoey Peterson

Poetry: judged by Jeramy Dodds
1st Prize —"Getting Wilder" by Tim Bowling
2nd Prize — "Penelope Before Marriage" by Phoebe Wang
3rd Prize — "Ars Poetica" by Vincent Colistro