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Grain Volume 39 No 1, 2012

IMPOSTER is a whimsical collection of poems and fiction that begs you to look at the truth of your identity. Are you who you think you are? Are your colleagues, your mentors, or your peers who you think they are? At what point do you shed the skin of your immaturity and grow into a fully-formed you? Just what is the you-ness of you, and if that has been stripped away by illness, enhanced by drugs, or manipulated into nothing, are you then an imposter of yourself? These are the questions posed by the talented contributors of Grain’s Fall 2011 issue. The poetry of Alissa Gordaneer opens the issue by laying it all on the table: She’s wearing my shoes and sleeping in my bed. When “Dad,” the cult leader in Andrew Torry’s “Our Last White Night,” says, I am the prophet of our generation, he manipulates a collective of disenfranchised, broken youth into believing in his vision—so much so that they become shadows of their former selves, enculted. This is offset by the religious fervour of the congregants of Grace Lutheran church in Laura Trunkey’s “Second Comings and Goings,” which playfully implies that traditional indoctrination is just as catching. The daring art of Cate Francis masks and unmasks this issue. Featuring images of animals wearing masks of other animals, and children wearing masks of predators, her works answer the questions posed by these contributors in a wholly exciting, completely perplexing way.

Editor: Rilla Friesen

Designer: Betsy Rosenwald

Cover Image: Cate Francis, Small Game Sentinals, 2010, serigraph with chine-colle.

Contributors: Jonathan Ball, Gerard Beirne, Nancy Jo Cullen, Cate Francis, Jeb Gaudet, Alisa Gordaneer, Brecken Hancock, Matthew Harris, David Milne, Monty Reid, John Reid, Eliza Robertson, Eric Schwerer, Andrew Torry, Laura Trunkey, and Mischa Willett.