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Truths and Lies

Grain Volume 38 No 4, 2011

TRUTHS AND LIES, Grain’s Summer 2011 issue, distorts the lines between fib and fact, fabricated and actual, between poetic truth-stretching and documentary confabulation. Maybe all truths and untruths are simply different echoes of ourselves, sounding in the narratives we tell about who we are and how we came to be, writes Lindsay Cuff in “Two Truths and a Lie.” Cuff’s clever essay sets a provocative tone for the issue, the rest of which is poetry poetry all the way! It seems fitting that this issue, dedicated to the late great Robert Kroetsch, a ground-breaking exemplar of both the tall yarn and the long poem, features some astounding new writing by several poets who are working in longer forms or sequences. The writings here by Rachel Lebowitz, Sue Goyette, Kim Trainor, and Susan Andrews Grace all incorporate elements of document or historical documentation. All of these poems entice the reader completely, irresistibly and convincingly, but sometimes with a small voice infiltrating the edges that asks, Come on, are you making this up? As with all exceptional poetry, the answer is both a decisive Yes and No, or an indecisive Yes and No…it’s all true whichever way you read it.TRUTHS AND LIES also includes poetry in translation by Yang Jian and Wang Jiaxin, and, of course, also includes the installment everyone’s been waiting for of Jonathan Ball’s Haiku Horoscopes. The spectacular full-of-words-and-questions artwork is by Ray Fenwick, this issue’s Featured Artist—Ray’s gorgeous jealousy-inducing cover alone is reason enough to pick up this issue!

Editor: Sylvia Legris

Designer: Betsy Rosenwald

Cover Image: Ray Fenwick, inhmiuywi, Repeat Pattern.

Contributors: Susan Andrews Grace, Jonathan Ball, Gary Barwin, Méira Cook, Lindsay Cuff, Ray Fenwick, Sue Goyette, Yang Jian, Wang Jiaxin, Rachel Lebowitz, Moez Surani, Kim Trainor. Translations by George O'Connell/Diana Shi, and Fiona Sze-Lorrain.

** Previously advertised as SOLD OUT - we've since acquired 3 copies of this issue.