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Grain Volume 38 No 3, 2011

Editor:Sylvia Legris
Designer: Betsy Rosenwald
Cover Image: Chris Kuzma, Step 6, watercolour, ink, pencil on paper.

HONEYSUCKLE, Spring 2011. With a small nod to Pantone’s 2011 Color of the Year,HONEYSUCKLE touches on things design-related and marks the lengthening of days. Includes a dazzling collection of work replete with both creatures of nature and objects manufactured for living rooms (from Herman Miller chairs to American Pelicans!). Features brilliant artwork by Chris Kuzma, Jonathan Ball’s popular Haiku Horoscopes, and new writing by Trevor Corkum, Marilyn Bowering, Sara Heinonen, Michael Trussler, Ronna Bloom, Alpay Ulku, Corinna Chong, and more…

Congratulations to Marilyn Bowering whose poems "Starting School", "Connection", and "Fidelity" garnered a nomination in for the 35th National Magazine Awards.

Check out this flattering review of HONEYSUCKLE by Sarah Gorman at!

Contributors: Maggie Andersen, Jonathan Ball, Michelle Barker, andrea bennett, Ronna Bloom, Marilyn Bowering, Corinna Chong, Trevor Corkum, Claudia Coutu Radmore, John Creary, Antony Di Nardo, Sara Heinonen, Kevin Immanuel, Irina Kovalyova, Chris Kuzma, Andrew McEwan, Ben Rawluk, Paula Jane Remlinger, Hendrik Slegtenhorst, Michael Trussler, Alpay Ulku.