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Grain Volume 38 No 1, 2010

Editor: Sylvia Legris
Designer: Betsy Rosenwald
Cover Image: Adrian Norvid, Easy Peasy, 2006, 117 x 153 cm (photo: Alana Riley).

UNRULY, Fall 2010. Go rowdy! Go unruly! Think of the first sentence as if it were a mushroom spore, writes Irina Kovalyova in her essay "On Mushrooms." Grain's Fall issue, UNRULY, is a magnificent literary "mesh of living growth" that positively sporulates with provocative writing. Pieces by contributors Michael Goertzen, Kyeren Regehr, Shane Rhodes, Kellee Ngan, and Jim Johnstone branch unpredictably, impeccably, between genres, or stretch one’s more domesticated expectations of form and content. Included is our first installment of Jonathan Ball’s Haiku Horoscopes (wild divination whipped into 17 syllables!). UNRULY features the truly unruly, shrewdly brilliant (with undertones both lewd and rude!) artwork of Montreal artist Adrian Norvid.

Jonathan Ball, Brianna Brash-Nyberg, Michael Goertzen, Jason Heroux, Jim Johnstone, Irina Kovalyova, Doretta Lau, Alan McMonagle, Kellee Ngan, Adrian Norvid, Kyeren Regehr, Shane Rhodes, Royston Tester.