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Grain Volume 37 No 2, 2010

Editor: Sylvia Legris
Designer: Betsy Rosenwald
Cover Image: Lee Henderson, Coyote II (detail), photograph reproduced from Lee Henderson’s series Still Life with Thanatotic Animals (an edition of silver gelatin prints on fibre, each 28 x 35 inches).

Grain’s Winter 2010 issue, TROPHY, features the winners of Grain’s 21st Annual Writing Contest, judged by Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen (Poetry) and Elise Levine (Fiction). Includes 1st and 2nd Prize fiction and poetry winners Matthew Heiti, Marilyn Gear Pilling, Danny Jacob, and Medrie Purdham. TROPHY also features the provocative images of artist Lee Henderson, with new fiction by Segun Afolabi, and Zsuzsi Gartner, and new poetry by Ronna Bloom, Jonathan Ball, Concetta Principe, Paul William Zits.

Congratulations to Zsuzsi Gartner, whose short-story collection, Better Living Through Plastic Explosives, has made the 2011 Giller Prize short list! "Floating Like a Goat," one of the stories included in Better Living Through Plastic Explosives, was first published in TROPHY!

Segun Afolabi, Jonathan Ball, Ronna Bloom, Tamara Bond, Zsuzsi Gartner, Aaron Giovannone, Craig Harkema, Lee Henderson, David Martin, Concetta Principe, Caitlin Ward, Paul William Zits.

Featuring the winners of the 21st annual Short Grain (with variations) Writing Contest:

Fiction: judged by Elise Levine
1st Prize: "Snakeskin Boots" by Matthew Heiti
2nd Prize: "Head-doors" by Marilyn Gear Pilling
1st Runner-up: "Hands Like Birds" by Laura Trunkey
2nd Runner-up: "A Lioness Hath Whelped in the Streets" by Nicholas Eliot

Poetry: judged by Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen
1st Prize: "How to Shoot Skeet with My Grandfather's Lost Double Barrel" by Danny Jacobs
2nd Prize: "The Tilled Field, Joan Miro" by Medrie Purdham
1st Runner-up: "directions for sleep (variations from an insomniac)" by Andrea MacPherson